Monday, March 23, 2009

"Treasure" In a Paint Can

Last weekend, decided to paint one of the rooms in my house. It was the second time painting a room. Bought a 5 liter Matex Gold Nippon paint from ACE hardware shop. 

After 3 hours of painting, the room was almost completed. After pouring the last drop from the paint to the painting tray, discovered a piece of plastic with metals in it. There was no clue of what could be inside and the reason it was inside the paint can. Could it be that it was placed inside to ease the mixing of the paint when we shake it? 

The plastic was all white and there was no way of knowing what was inside unless was is opened. Out of pure curiosity, opened with my bare hands. To my surprise, it contained some treasure. It was 6 pieces of 50 cents coin. 

After being in puzzled state for 10 minutes, discovered that there was a sticker on top of the paint can: Mystery gift inside. 

The gift was not so a mystery to me but it was mysterious as who on earth would thought of this idea!!!

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