Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Kingdom Foot Therapy

It has been a long time since the last time had a massage. Recently went for a massage at Sungai Long. The name of the massage center: Kingdom Foot Therapy.

The logo of the center from outside looks very nice. Once stepped into the center, was fascinated by the interior design. The ambient lighting and color used (red) make the place very cosy. The place was very clean too. You have to place your shoes outside the premise. The decors were very China like. Would have thought that just entered China if it wasn't for the shopkeeper who looked Malaysian. The rest of the masseuses were all China "Mui".

After baring all safe for a thin piece of shorts, laid on the massage platform. Got myself a full body massage. The masseuse has very strong fingers. From the massage, have learned how to massage the butt. Although the butt masage was very strange but incase anyone of your would like to know how strange it was, here is a tutorial on how to perform the butt massage.

1) First, have your “victim” lie on his/her abdomen

2) Use a finger, pressed into the center of one of a bun until you can feel the bone. Now don’t move the tip of your finger at all.

3) Then rotate your hand like a helicopter rotor while sticking your finger at the bone. Do it rigorously. Make 10 circle.

4) Then do a 10 chops on the bun.

5) Then repeat again for another bun.

Animation illustrates how the "helicopter" is done:

Easy right? Now, you just need to practice a few times before you are qualified to be professional butt massager. After this, the "victim" may feel that any chair becomes more cushiony. Even plastic chairs become soft when you sit on it.

Overall, the whole massage is very relaxing and not much pain is inflicted in the process of being massaged. Unlike previous experience at a Thai massage parlor whereby poor me have to keep on telling the masseuse “chep chep”, which means very, very, very pain in Thai. The pain lasted for 3 days.

Total relaxation time: 1.5 hours. How much poorer: RM64

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